Only The Good

He sang with the voice of an angel

dropped into our undeserving midst.

Never smoked,

skipped the whole drug thing,

played tennis with his college daughter star.


I heard he could be beaten

at foosball, but I never saw it happen.

Bowled a 300 game,

sunk a hole in one,

and skated like the real Apolo.

He could draw anything,

if you would take a moment to be his friend.


He wanted everyone he loved

to love each other, and he

cheered for you and me more than himself.

Fuck you anyway, cancer said,

and took my friend.

You will be missed, Brad Stivers.

You deserved a better world.

One Response

  • Bart Barton
    Jan 11, 2019

    A moving tribute. So sorry for the loss of your friend, Phil.

    Bart Barton Jan 11, 2019

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