The Everyday and Ordinary


The everyday bicycle is no more

everyday than the wheat germ

that feeds millions,

the autumn leaf that delivers

every shade of red, orange, and yellow.


The ordinary bicycle is Jefferson’s horse,

Westinghouse’s train,

Your car. On it, time beats

slowly, a breath becoming story,

Light developing photographs.


My everyday bicycle exercises

my heart, my body, my spirit.

How can any of that be ordinary?


As if to answer, stopping my bike

in a place I would not,

an owl lands in a place I did not

know it did,

then spreads its wings in extraordinary landing.


One Response

  • Bart Barton
    May 2, 2019

    Really nice, Phil. I especially like the ending of “wings in extraordinary landing.”

    Bart Barton May 2, 2019

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