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Art is Everywhere, A Guest Post by Jennifer McCoy (Part Two of her piece about temporary art)

This kind of art used to drive me crazy! Back in the days of art appreciation class, in college, I would get furious when they showed something that was temporary and called it art. A crumpled up piece of paper, a bent paper clip, a mountain wrapped in sheets…How could that be art?

Maybe perspective changes with age, or experience, but I certainly see things differently now. On first look at this picture, I thought wow! Then, when I realized what the subject matter was, I paused. I looked again. I wrinkled my brow and got ready to question it. I saw lines and design and pattern and repetition. Elements of art.

I returned to my original thought. Wow! I wonder how this got started. Was it originally a bunch of spilled crackers? Did the box get crushed and the artist decided to make something of it anyway? Maybe it was purposeful from the start. Who knows. The point is that I enjoyed looking at it.

Art is everywhere if you look for it.

Where will you find some art today?

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3 Responses

  • Jean E Deal
    Jan 13, 2020

    This is so pretty, and I wonder who in the world has the patience to do the work.
    I hope there was a way to spray it and keep it at least for a while.

    Jean E Deal Jan 13, 2020
  • Steve Ballard
    Jan 14, 2020

    Reminded me of pictures I take when something catches my eye.
    Random art. It’s everywhere indeed.
    Love it!!

    Steve Ballard Jan 14, 2020
  • Bart Barton
    Jan 15, 2020

    I’ve heard the expression “Cool beans.” Cool crackers!

    Bart Barton Jan 15, 2020

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