Do you have a finished book draft (or an almost finished draft) that needs help reaching the finish line? Here’s your first free tip!

You are probably farther from that finish line than you know. It takes multiple drafts to write a successful book.

Don’t worry. Writers often run out of gas, become disillusioned, or simply can’t figure out how to make their book better without help. The difference between an experienced writer and a less-experienced writer is that experienced writers know how to overcome those obstacles. 

I use a proven method of editing and coaching to guide writers like you all the way to the finish line, step by step.

Step 1: We meet for 90′ (at a coffee shop, by phone, by computer) and you tell me what you’ve written. I’ll ask you questions about your work, then give you assignments to get you working like a professional (for example, I’ll ask you to find 3 highly successful books like yours, and then come up with ways to align your book design to the design of those proven successes). I don’t charge you for this initial meeting, so please book my time only if both of these things are true: 1) you really do have a draft close to completion, 2) you really are serious about turning that draft into a professional-quality manuscript.


Step 2: You decide if you want to hire me, and I decide if we are a good match to work together. Then we sign contracts. Why? Because we’re both professionals, and that’s what professionals do.




Step 3: I become intimately familiar with your manuscript, which is a fancy way of saying I read what you have written at least twice so I can figure out exactly what you are up to, even in places where you might not fully understand that.




Step 4: I use my proven method of manuscript evaluation to create a detailed action plan for making your book better. For example, where can you use setting better in your novel? Character conflict? Dialogue? Or in that self-help book of yours, are you using anecdotes effectively?




Step 5: We meet again (at a new coffee shop, by phone, by video conference) for a
half-day work session.
When you leave, you’ll have a detailed plan for writing your next draft that excites and uplifts you. Now your work is ready to soar.




Step 6: You write, you write some more, and then you really write a lot. We meet three times during all this writing, for half-day work sessions to make sure you have everything you need to succeed, including problem solving skills for writers, motivation, and self-accountability.




Step 7: As we work together, I teach you my proven method of manuscript evaluation so that you’re able to create your own detailed action plan after we’re finished. You’ll be ready to write a third draft on your own, or an entirely new book after this one is done!




About My Coaching

I am a supportive coach. I put as much work into getting you to take yourself seriously as a writer as I do into helping you with storytelling and writing techniques. Every time we meet, your motivation for the work you do as a writer will be renewed (and we’ll have fun doing it!). As we work together, you will come to believe in yourself, and you will discover how to write with enthusiasm – guaranteed!



$3,500 gets you to the finish line of your first draft, and then step-by-step through the process of creating a second, entirely new, professional-quality draft. If you decide to keep going on a third draft (I’ve never seen a manuscript that didn’t need one), you’ll save $1,000 on that third draft. But don’t forget, by the time you get that far, I will have taught you everything you need to create that third draft on your own.

Other Available Services

  • Finding agents
  • Manuscript submission (to agents, to publishers)
  • Creating your online author presence (website, Amazon, Facebook)
  • Publishing your book as an E-book
  • Publishing your book as a self-published print book
  • Public speaking for authors

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