Speeches and Events

You’re going to be asked: “Can you talk for a few minutes about…?” but you haven’t prepared a thing. Speak anyway. People will remember you. Hang on, this ride’s a little bumpy (videographer wasn’t prepared either).

One out of four people will hate you, no matter what you do. Two out of four are too overwhelmed to hear you. That leaves one out of four who are listening, who want to be part of. But only if you bring something called The Real Thing.

Why are we so often under motivated? Because what we’ve been taught to value clips the wings of the spectacular.

How many friends do you really need? A lot – but not that many. Create the world you want to live in…Celebrate your 5 percent!

The Dreaded Naysayer – 3 Ways to Silence That Voice That Says No

Branding is important, right?

We sure do love iThis and iThat, but watch out, all that iTechnology is not always your iFriend.