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Wonderful, beautiful, always liberating technology. Or maybe not. Set in California’s Silicon Valley, OHM follows the lives of famous inventors, powerful entrepreneurs, and three ordinary people as they search for meaning in a world of runaway technology and reckless ambition. OHM will have you asking one question over and over again. Did this really happen?


Did a Silicon Valley entrepreneur really drive his new car off the edge of a mountain the same day his company went public and made him rich?


Did a line worker actually get away with shoving hundreds of valuable computer chips into a laundry bag, then dipping a motorcycle engine into a vat of gold?


Did a Silicon Valley executive with a rare blood disease really wear an IV drip into a manufacturing area just because he feared losing his share of the profit when his company went public?


And just when you think you have it figured out – the difference between the real and the imagined – you will peek around that corner we call tomorrow and ask – Will this happen too?


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