My Amazing Baby Celebration


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My Amazing Baby Celebration started as a labor of love – with a birth announcement card to announce the arrival of our new baby girl. Two years later we opened our free card shop to share the more than twenty-five cards we had created to celebrate our daughter’s life. 
And then we started thinking. Was there anything else we could do to help new parents celebrate their babies’ development?

There was:

First, we created an Evaluation Chart that helps you determine exactly what your baby is ready to learn, exactly when your baby is ready to learn it (based on established pediatric guidelines).


Second, we developed Activity Pages that give you fun ways to participate in your baby’s development  (activities that promote Large Motor Skill Development, Fine Motor Skill Development, Language, Vision, Emotion). 


Finally, we created Quick Capture Pages that help you describe your baby’s monthly developments in fun and interesting ways – in a record that will last forever.


And then we had an idea…


Let’s put everything in a book!


And let’s give away our entire collection of card templates and card making tips to anyone who buys the book. 


So here it is, My Amazing Baby Celebration, a complete collection of resources for helping your baby develop, and for sharing the amazing story of that development with your family and friends. 


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