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The Art of the Sacred (part 3 of 4): USING SACRED OBJECTS

Things matter. Not like people, but they’re still important.


A pen that inspires you to write beautiful words because you want to do its form justice, its feel, the way it spreads ink across that particular shade of paper you found after looking for weeks, which you’ve placed on top of that




desk you’ve always had in the family,


or just bought, and on top of which today you’ve set up a laptop instead of paper, and tomorrow maybe an iPad, although not that many yesterdays ago you wouldn’t have known what that meant.

What you choose to write with, on, and seated at will draw you in, or push you away. Writing day after day after day is hard. As in very. Make it easier by falling in love with objects that you enjoy touching, seeing, celebrating. That way, even when the writing does not end perfectly, the act of writing will.

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  • Jean Deal
    Jul 25, 2017

    You have given me many things to think about.

    Jean Deal Jul 25, 2017

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